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I have discovered that painting cars is my thing.  Who would have guessed?  All kinds of cars; I don't discriminate :)  Not that I know too much about cars. I just know that the bright colors, shiny surfaces and reflections in the chrome all attract me as the perfect subject to paint.  I appreciate the uniqueness of each car shape, design and details; all the elements that an artist loves.  I have really come to enjoy the car show aspect with the cars interacting with each other and people having the opportunity to admire their beauty.  I like to include people in my paintings of cars shows as I feel it brings an energy of life.  My favorite is to paint commissions for others; I love to compose and capture what is special to them and share in the joy when a painting is delivered. Let me know if I can paint for you! 

Why COSMIC?  The word cosmic means "inconcievably vast".  That is God's love for each one of us, especially when we come to Him in faith and trust.  He has done incredible things for me, and I graciously give Him the glory.