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April Spicer, artist based in Marysville, Kansas, specializes in oil paintings of automobiles.  Business name: COSMIC CARS

In a surprisingly blessed way, my journey has brought me to be a full time artist, painting in oils all types of cars. I have found this to be such a satisfying subject matter for me-- bright colors, shiny surfaces, and especially the reflections in the chrome--all so fun!  I appreciate the art of each car’s design and details.  I have really come to enjoy the car show aspect and visiting with those that have special cars in their past or present and hearing the stories that go along with them.  I like to include the car show atmosphere in my fine art paintings showing the cars interacting with each other and the people around them admiring their beauty.  I consider my style to be “painterly realism”.  The realism part is the accuracy in proportion and details.  As for “painterly”, I like the hand of the artist to show in the brushwork and mark making, never going for perfect lines but rather overall essence and feel. I paint “alla prima” which is a method of painting in which pigments are laid on in a single application instead of being built up by repeated layers. This allows me to keep the painting loose and fresh. My main work is custom commissions for others.  I love to compose and capture what is special to them and share in the joy when a painting is delivered. Let me know if I can paint for you! 

Why COSMIC?  The word cosmic means "inconceivably vast"; think of the enormacy of the cosmos/universe.  That is God's love for each one of us; so huge, beyond our human understanding, especially noticeable when we come to Him in faith and trust.  He has done incredible things for me, and I graciously give Him the glory.”